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BDS Recommendation


1. Recruitment and Recommendation Service
1) Recruiting qualified employees for foreign diplomatic missions in Beijing;
2) Recommending and selecting senior professionals and general service staff at the request of foreign diplomatic missions in Beijing;
3) Being responsible for security review and physical examination of the Chinese employees to ensure safety and normal business operations of the employers;
4) Providing the Chinese employees with pre-job and on-the-job disciplines education and skills training;
5) Providing valid entry passes for the Chinese employees to enter and exit from diplomatic missions premises;
6) Seeking feedback from and handling complaints of the employers.

2. Archives and Identity Document Management Service
1) Being responsible for storing, in the Beijing Yunjia Human Resource Services Center for Diplomatic Missions, the archives of eligible employees;
2) Providing relevant documents to qualified Chinese employees to take professional and technical qualification examinations or evaluation in accordance with relevant state regulations;
3) Rewarding outstanding Chinese employees and punishing underperforming ones.

3. Signing Employment Contracts
Signing the Employment Contract with the Chinese employees in accordance with the Employment Contract Law and safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests .

4. Income and Benefits Management Service
1) Paying the Chinese employees the salaries earned during their time in service (except in the case of employer arrears);
2) Withholding and paying or collecting and paying the personal income tax of the Chinese employees;
3) Creating and managing social security for the Chinese employees;
4) Arranging routine physical examinations for the Chinese employees who have been in service for no less than one year;
5) Organizing recreational or sports activities for the Chinese employees.

5. Civil Certification Service
1) Assisting the Chinese employees in applying for passports for private and business purposes;
2) Examining and approving the applications of the Chinese employees taking business trips abroad or going to the Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Tibet Autonomous Region(if necessary);
3) Arranging the recording of driver’s licenses and assisting in dealing with traffic accidents;
4) Producing other civil status certificates (including marriage, family planning and credit certificates) for the Chinese employees.

6. Rights Protection Service
1) Assisting with dealing with labor disputes between employers and the Chinese employees;
2) Coordinating with relevant Chinese authorities in dealing with other affairs concerning the Chinese employees.

7. Consultancy Service
Providing consultancy services on labor and employment policies, regulations and laws.