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  • Website Disclaimer

    I.General Principles

    1. This website is the official website of Beijing Service Bureau For Diplomatic Missions (hereinafter referred to as “BDS”). All visitors to this website shall read through all statements and provisions of the website, and abide by relevant laws and regulations governing the use of the Internet. When using this website, including but not limited to browsing information, downloading contents and using the third party web-links provided by this website, the user shall be deemed to have understood and completely accepted all provisions of this Disclaimer, and be willing to undertake all risks and bear legal liabilities for browsing this website.

    2. Contents of this Disclaimer may be revised from time to time, and users of this website shall follow up on such revisions in time. This website does not assume the obligation to notify users of such revisions.

    II.Terms of Service

    1. Information on this website is provided "as is" by BDS without warranty of any kind, express or implied. The provider of such information will take necessary measures to ensure the promptness and accuracy of information on this website, but does not guarantee the absolute currency, accuracy or completeness of the information.

    2. This website only provides relevant web content services, and internet connection fees, if any, are charged by telecom operators.

    3. Under general circumstances, you can visit this website without providing your name or other personal information. However, at times, for example, when you send an email to us or register for free subscription, we may need you to provide, to a limited extent, some relevant personal information, such as your email address, name and contact information; and when you apply for a job, we also need to obtain some of your personal information such as your name, gender, age, and education background.

    In the case that certain contents on this website require user registration information, the user shall provide bona fide registration information to this website which should be complete, legitimate and effective, and shall update such information without delay in case of alterations. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, non-bona-fide, inaccurate and incomplete, the user shall accept corresponding responsibilities and consequences. Once the registration process is completed, the user account information such as the user ID and password will be created, and the user can change the password according to relevant requirements of this website. The user shall keep and use the user ID and password in a cautious and proper manner. In the case that the user ID or password are lost due to improper preservation and use by the user, this website shall accept no responsibility.

    This website does not expect to receive any confidential or proprietary information sent by the user through this site. All materials, data and contact information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "information"), except for personal identity information shall be deemed unclassified and non-proprietary. This website does not assume any obligation with regard to such information. In the mean time, your submission of such information without special statement shall be deemed to have given consent (or authorization) to the website and its authorized person to copy, disclose, share, merge and otherwise employ such information and data, images, audio, text and other contents for commercial or non-commercial purposes freely. However, unless it is required by the law or with your permission, this website will not disclose your true name. In the case that any relevant person gives warnings about or raises objections to the contents and impacts of such information, this website can delete such information or terminate the online browsing of such information for an unlimited period of time without the consent of the submitter of the information, and this website shall not be obliged to inform the submitter of such a decision afterwards. In severe circumstances, this website can deregister the user’s ID.

    4. To provide convenience and information, this website provides the links to third parties including the websites of our associated companies’ (hereinafter referred to as “third-party links”). When accessing such links, you will leave this website. We do not control such third party websites or their statements and policies, and the policies executed by such websites may be different from those of ours. We do not provide any guarantee or statement for third-party websites, and in the case that the users choose to use third-party websites, they shall bear all consequences and risks thus incurred. In the case that a third-party website shares your personal information with us, the information thus shared shall be subject to the policies of such third-party website.

    5. Any organization or persons regarding the contents of this website as a possible violation of their legitimate rights and interests shall give a written notification of the alleged infringement to this website promptly, and provide relevant identity certificates, ownership certificates, specific URLs and detailed evidence of such infringements. After receiving such legal documents, BDS will remove relevant contents concerning the alleged infringements according to law as soon as possible.

    III.Copyright Statement

    All contents published on this website, including texts and reports, pictures, audios, videos, charts and tables, symbols, signs, advertisement, trademarks, domain names, softwares, applications, page layout, column catalogues/title/content classification standards shall be protected by the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China, and applicable international conventions governing copyright, trademark right and patent right management. This website preserves the ownership of such contents, except for those with clear reference to contents of other parties as sources of information.

    The user, accessing the contents and services provided by this website for purely personal consumption purposes rather than for commercial, for-profit, and advertising purposes, shall abide by relevant laws and refrain from violating the rights and interests of this website. When using the contents and services provided by this website for commercial, for-profit and advertising purposes, the user shall obtain a prior written authorization granted by this website and pay copyright royalty to relevant right-holders according to the requirements of relevant international conventions and laws of the People’s Republic of China. Without such an authorization, nobody shall alter, publish, broadcast, reprint, copy, distribute, perform, display or use the contents or services of this website, which shall otherwise be deemed a violation of the legitimate rights and interests of this website and related legal liability shall be pursued in accordance with law.

    IV. Electronic Payment for Commercial Services

    1. This website provides e-commerce services to the user such as online fee contribution, online translation, online visa application and online payment. The ownership right and operation right of all e-commerce services of this website shall be preserved by this website.

    2. Information about the services, commodity prices, quantity and availability may be altered from time to time without specific notification. While this website will spare no efforts to ensure the accuracy of commodity information, users are kindly advised of the fact that, due to the universally-acknowledged internet technical factors, the information provided on this website may be hysteretic or erroneous.

    3. Users, when placing an order, are kindly reminded to carefully verify the name, price, quantity, size, specifications, and measurement of the commodity or services ordered, and check the information about the address, phone number and consignee. In the case that the user is not the consignee, the behavior and declaration of intention of the consignee shall be construed as such of the user's, and the user shall accept joint liability to the legal consequence of the consignee’s behavior and declaration of intention.

    4. Unless otherwise stipulated by mandatory provisions of law, this website and its users shall agree that information about the commodities and services on this website shall be deemed to be nothing but an offer invitation, that the order information generated when users place an order and the online payment made by the user shall be deemed to be the contract offer made by the user to the seller on this website, and that the contractual relationship between the user and the relevant seller on this website shall be deemed to have set up only after the seller has received and confirmed the order information.

    5. Due to changes of the market and all factors that are unmanageable by means of making rational business efforts, this website does not guarantee the availability of the services and commodities on the order submitted by the user; and in the case that there is a shortage of ordered commodities and services, the user shall have the right to cancel the order and require a refund.

    6. In the case that the delivery of the ordered commodities/services is delayed or cancelled due to the following reasons, the seller on this website shall not assume any responsibility thus incurred:

    1) The user has provided wrong and incomplete address and other information;

    2) The commodities cannot be delivered by any means or in a timely manner due to the absence of the relevant consignee;

    3) Changes of circumstances;

    4) Force majeure, such as in case of a natural disaster, the imposition of a curfew or traffic control, and the outburst of war.

    V.Exemption Clauses

    1. This website shall not be responsible for any loss of any user or third party, including but not limited to the data loss and the losses arising out of copying or downloading any information or documents from this website, without regard to whether the losses are incurred on the basis of any guarantee, contract, infringements, illegal actions, or any other legal theories otherwise related hereto or whether this website offers any beforehand warning of such a possible loss.

    2. This website shall have the right to administer and supervise the documents and comments uploaded and released by users on this site, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and website statements, and shall not assume any responsibilities thus incurred.

    3. When required by any competent government department to disclose the personal information of users according to relevant law and administrative regulations, this website shall provide such information to the said competent government department for the purpose of public security in accordance with relevant laws , and shall not bear any liability thus incurred.

    4. The website shall not be responsible for any personal information leakage caused by the user in the case that the user provides the relevant password to or shares a registered account with other persons or as a result of any other personal act committed by the user.

    5. This website shall not be responsible for any leaking-out, loss, theft and falsification of users’ personal information caused by force majeure affecting the normal operation of website such as the invasion and attack of computer virus and temporary shutdown of the website due to government control.

    6. This website shall not be responsible for the leak-out of any personal information and any resultant legal disputes and consequences caused by any websites linked with this website, or the leak-out of any personal information caused by any reasons other than our deliberate and major misconducts.

    7. Opinions expressed or implied by relevant articles and documents reprinted on this website do not represent the views of this website.

    VI.Users' Commitment

    1. Users shall undertake not to use the BDS website for any illegal purposes or in any illegal ways, and shall undertake to comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations and all international conventions concerning the use of internet as well as all web protocols, rules and processes concerning the BDS website.

    2. Users shall agree and guarantee not to use the BDS website to infringe on other people's rights and interests, or engage in any illegal behaviors; otherwise such users shall be liable for all the legal consequences thus incurred. The above-mentioned behaviors include but not limited to:

    1) Opposing the basic principles specified by the constitution, jeopardizing national security, leaking out state secrets, subverting the state political power and undermining the state unity;

    2) Encroaching on the reputation, privacy, business secrets, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights and other intellectual property rights of any other person;

    3) Breaching the obligation of confidentiality as specified by relevant laws or contracts;

    4) Engaging in any illegal transactions, such as trafficking of fire arms, drugs, forbidden drugs, pirated software and other illegal products;

    5) Providing gambling information or induce others to take part in gambling activities in any way;

    6) Being suspected of participating in activities of money laundering, cash-out or pyramid selling;

    7) Engaging in any behaviors that may involve virus attacks or other attacks on the BDS website system and documents;

    8) Engaging in any behaviors that may lead to any adverse impacts on the regular operation of the internet or mobile network;

    9) Uploading, displaying or disseminating any false, harassing, malicious, insulting, intimidating, vulgar, obscene or any other illegal information and documents;

    10) Any other behaviors that BDS regards improper with legitimate reasons.

    3. BDS reserves the right to remove any kinds of illegal, untruthful or improper information or contents based on its independent judgment without notifying the user or bearing any liability thus incurred.

    4. Users shall agree to make full compensation to BDS, its affiliated parties and its cooperative partner(s), without prejudice to the rights and interests of BDS, its affiliated parties and its cooperative partner(s), in the case that such users have violated this Disclaimer statement or other documents incorporated herein through reference/citation, or the said users have violated any laws or infringed on the rights and interests of a third party by way of using this website, which leads to any compensation claims (including attorney fees) raised by the relevant third party.

    VII.Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

    1. Any disputes arising from the use of this Disclaimer and this website shall be subject to applicable laws of the People's Republic of China.

    2. Any disputes arising from this Disclaimer or the use of this website shall be resolved through negotiation. In the case that the negotiation fails, all parties concerned shall go through legal proceedings at a people’s court at the locality of BDS.

    VII. Miscellaneous

    1. BDS has taken reasonable efforts to protect the webpage from computer viruses. However due to the reason that there exist no absolute information network security safeguard measures, this website can not undertake to absolutely avoid computer viruses. Users are reminded to take proper precautionary measures on their own accord accordingly. This website shall not accept any liability for computer virus.

    2. Within the scope specified by law, this website reserves all rights of explanation and interpretation of this Disclaimer.

    3. The contents of this website are provided in Chinese and English, and should there be any discrepancy between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

    4. For any inquires concerning this website, please contact our Information and Training Center.   Tel:65122200-8223