BDS Recommendation

    Respect: Recognizing that mutual respect lays the foundation of conducting foreign exchanges, we regard serving customers with respect as the core principle of our work. Out of our honest respect, we are ready to provide professional, considerate, warm and satisfying services to each and every foreign diplomat in Beijing, as well as construct a promising corridor leading to a hopeful, dignified and optimistic life for each and every one of our employees wishing to upgrade their skills of serving foreign diplomatic missions in China.

    Responsibility: With the divine mission of "Serving Diplomatic Cause Serving Diplomatic Missions, Enhancing Friendship and Showcasing Exemplary Work Style”, BDS shoulders the glorious responsibility of “Serving China’s Diplomatic Cause, Serving Diplomatic Missions, and Serving the Socialist Modernization Drive”. "Responsibility" implies our commitment to safeguarding national interests and accomplishing work tasks. Moreover, it represents our determination to ensure high quality, efficiency and preciseness with pragmatisms, conscientiousness and devotion.

    Innovation: For an enterprise, innovation is the driving force of sustainable development and foundation of vigorousness. Under the new diplomatic circumstances where China is playing an increasingly important role, China’s diplomatic service cause is facing new opportunities and challenges. Only by being progressive, responsible, pioneering, proactive and innovative can we overcome difficulties, grasp opportunities, keep pace with the time and open a new chapter for the diplomatic service cause.

    The whole pattern of the logo is that of a sunflower which consists the following elements:

    Flower The flower represents tenderness, comfort and delight which resembles the considerate services provided by us.

    Sunlight At the center of the logo shines the sun. Sunlight is a luminous, warm, beautiful, widespread and constantly-flowing stream of vitality. It stands for hope and illuminates the avenue leading to the bright future.

    Convergence The eight fan-shape sections representing the petals converge to form the pattern of the sunflower. They resemble a belt of friendship linking China and other countries which makes guests from various parts of the world feel at home. Meanwhile, the eight fans also represent the eight major sectors of BDS services, namely engineering construction, house leasing, personnel services, culture and education, commodity trade, hotels and catering, property management, and auto rental. All services in the eight sectors are converged by the core objective of providing services to foreign diplomatic missions in China.

    Inclusiveness The symmetric connection of the pattern highlights the meaning of "inclusiveness", which represents both the idea of "harmony" and "the peace of the world". The orderly tiered sections of the pattern blend together to indicate "inclusiveness".

    Color The logo consists of two typical Chinese colors: red and yellow, which stand for the national image of China - solemnity and generosity.