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China Jiaoyuan Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation is a state owned enterprise affiliated to the Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions (the BDS). Founded in 1991 by the BDS, with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the then Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade (the Ministry of Commerce now) and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the Corporation is a comprehensive corporation, among all the affiliates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, holding the most complete qualifications for state franchises. The main services of the Corpo...

The main services of the Corporation covers the following: overseas labor dispatch (excluding sailors), car sales, agency service for self-funded study-abroad students, wholesaling of pre-packaged food (Circulation Approval Credential valid until 10 April, 2018), export of equipment and materials to the enterprises established abroad, merchandise import and export to and from countries and regions with which we have labor service contracting cooperation, importation of food, fruits and feeds (excluding 12 commodities subject to state verification), agency import and export of merchandise from regions other than Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau for BDS and its affiliates (excluding 16 export commodities subject to state unified joint trading and 12 commodities traded by state-verified companies only as per state requirements), approved sales within China of imported goods or goods for export, organizing culture and arts exchanges events (excluding events in Shenyang), construction contracting, technical service, personnel training, translation, and sales of fresh fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, meat and crops growing.

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