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Promote Mid-Autumn Festival Culture and Enhance Friendship Between Neighbors—— Briefing on Mid-Autumn Friendship Activities of Sanlitun Property Department

In this refreshing autumn, in order to promote friendship in the neighborhood and better serve the missions, the Sanlitun Property Department co-hosted the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in the afternoon of September 25 with the Language and Cultural Center,availing diplomats in the neighborhood to learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival culture, and taste moon cakes. Residents enthusiastically signed up. A total of 22 diplomats and their families from embassies of Italy, Thailand, the European Union, and Spain participated in the event. Zhu Miaozhen, director of the Language and Culture Center, was invited to attend.

Ms. Li Mengying from the Language and Culture Center served as the main speaker of the event. She started from the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival culture. By comparing the differences between Eastern and Western cultures, she explained in a simple way how the moon has different meanings to people in different countries. The concept of Mid-Autumn Reunion was elaborated. Next, Mr. Li invited everyone to taste the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival food-moon cakes and osmanthus tea,which are ways of appreciating the folk customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival. People chatted as they experienced the Mid-Autumn Festival culture, the atmosphere becoming warmer and warmer.

The sunshone brilliantly in the autumn afternoon, and everyone moved outside and started to make lanterns. Lanterns are very important for the Mid-Autumn Festival. To hang lanterns is a very festive symbol of happy reunion. The foreign guests, both unfamiliar and curious about the traditional Chinese handicraft of lanterns, felt a little at a loss at first. Thanks to the explanations, everyone completed the assembly of handmade lanterns. Everyone held the works in their hands, feeling much fulfilled, and took photos with their companions. Both adults and children had a happy smile on their faces, experiencing the beauty and joy of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the activity was gradually coming to an end with laughter...

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many neighborhood activities have not been carried out. This event not only allowed residents to feel the charm of traditional Chinese festivals, but also was a rare opportunity for the property department to communicate with residents. The property department took the opportunity to listen to the residents’ opinions on waste classification and epidemic prevention in the compound, which were reference for the Housing Service Corporation to carry out the following work. Some of the foreign guests who participated in the event were residents who had been under quarantine in the apartment. They expressed their sincere gratitude for the thoughtful service provided by the Property Department after the outbreak, especially during the quarantine period, and expressed their appreciation and admiration for the hard work of the staff of the Property Department. They also expressed wish to participate more in the networking activities. In the future, we will continue to explore new forms of activities, and continue to restore multiple channels of communication with residents, so as to provide better services to the mission!

We appreciate the Language and Culture Center for its strong support for this event. In addition, this event contributed to the filming of the promotional video for the fourth embassy district.





 Sanlitun Property Department, Housing Service Corporation

                                                                                                29, Sep. 2020

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