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Sanlitun DRC Offers Taichi Experience

After 3 months, spanning from spring to summer, 20 tutorials of Taichi experience, beginning 27 March, came to a successful close on 21 June to wide acclaims of the tenants of Sanlitun DRC. Many enthusiastic Taichi fans immediately applied to attend when posters were put out. Senior embassy officials from Portugal, Brazil and Italy, among others, took active parts in the tutorials along with some residents from the North Compound who had to walk or bike to take part in the class in the South, creating an enchanting scene in the DRC, as the Taichi practitioners rehearsed their skills in on the central meadow on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

 Under the guidance of the tutor, the participants had made marked progress from the initial ginger moves to the fluent movements towards the end. As beginners of Kung Fu practice, the practitioners gradually feel the impact. It is an intriguing pursuit as the seemingly slow moves of Taichi helps with the flow of the Chi (air) in one’s body, making a person more flexible and healthier whilst improving readiness to defend oneself. The participants were so immersed that they were reluctant to stop when each class was over. Having practiced for a while, they felt themselves renewed and filled with newfound energy unknown before.

 While having helped the residents improve their health, the practice also brought them closer to the Property Management, as the participants established their own weixin group for more communications. Taking the opportunity, the Property Management introduced the Bank of China E-community App and encouraged them to share experiences with their fellow practitioners. The tutorials also aroused interest in the Italian Embassy School which joined one of the tutorials on its open day with help from the Property Management, giving a chance for more DRC dwellers to learn about the sport for better health. The Property Management will take all available opportunities in the customer reach-out activities to disseminate our concepts of service for higher resident satisfaction.

 Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank the Language and Culture Center for its strong support to the success of the tutorials.


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