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Adm Officials of AIIB Pay Visit to Building 12 Qijiayuan DRC

As one of the most important institutional clients of the HSC and with support of the DSB and HSC leadership, this Department has been in close contact with the AIIB. Miss Lin Li, HSC deputy general manager, took us to visit the Administrative Department of the AIIB in May to promote the DRC when it was learned that our host met with difficulties in making reservation for temporary housing for the newly arrived officials as well as unpredictable quality of service in the hotels. Upon hearing that, Miss Lin proposed that the DRC was all ready to offer serviced apartments for the Bank officials’ temporary stay to the acclaim of the administrative officials.

 To follow up, this Department made available numerous options for leasing our serviced apartments and showed the plan to the AIIB in the form of a PPT presentation. The AIIB Adm. Dept. immediately requested to have a look of the apartments available. With kind support from the Property Management of Jianwai DRC and Supply Center, 5 sample apartments were made ready for touring at buildings 13 and 14 Jianwai DRC, as we worked overtime and on the double. To make sure to achieve the desired outcome, with assistance from the Department of Engineering, Jianwai and Qijiayuan DRCs, the visiting route was carefully mapped out with every detail being double checked in the apartments, elevators and vehicle access, etc.

 Under the supervision of Miss Lin Li, Ms. Wang Hongyan of Qijiayuan DRC Property Management and Mr. Liu Qing of Jianwai DRC Property Management, Mr. Tao Lin, deputy director of the Engineering Department, together with their teams and this Department accompanied Mr. Wang Zhan and Zhu Yechao, senior officials from the Administrative Department of AIIB made a field tour of the sample rooms at Building 12 Qijiayuan DRC and Buildings 13 and 14 Jianwai DRC on afternoon, 25 June 2018, who were satisfied with the individualized services to be offered in terms of the apartment layout, interiors, furniture and appliances, service items as well as the broad band and pre-arrival cleaning services. The visitors commented that the HSC was capable of preparing quality serviced apartments at Qijiayuan and Jianwai DRCs at a short notice was evidence of the innovativeness, professionalism and efficiency of the DRC workers and they would definitely recommend to the AIIB new arrivals to come and stay.

 Upon concluding the inspection tour, Mr. Wang Zhan said on the spot that his Department was ready to lease the 5 apartments that he had seen at the Jianwai DRC, starting from 1 August. He added, as the number of AIIB officials was growing continuously, he was eagerly looking forward to seeing Building 12 Qijiayuan available for new dwellers, to make the DRC the first choice of the new diplomats coming to Beijing.

 This Department will keep in close touch with the Administrative Department of AIIB and make the apartments available as soon as possible, while working on the prelease promotion of Building 12 to bring about new economic growth for the DSB and HSC on the earliest date. Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank the Engineering Department, Supply Center, Property Management of Qijiayuan and Jianwai DRCs for their strong support and collaboration.


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