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Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Mall

      With famous hotels Kempinski, Kunlun, Great Wall and other five stars, the Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Mall is a shopping mecca in eastern Beijing.

      The Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Mall is located on the third ring road, near the Liangma River in Beijing and the second and third embassies zones, which is a thriving high-range trade area. Occupying an area of 22,000 square meters, there are more than 10,000 kinds of brand products from different provinces and municipalities in China as well as foreign countries including the US, Great Britain, France, Italy , Japan and dozens of other countries and regions.8 million customers come here on average each year. Its sales volume is experiencing an average annual increase at the rate of 5.7%.

      The Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Mall offers not only famous, high quality and specialized brand products but also more than 60 items of services to clients: foreign currency exchange, gift wrapping, door-to-door delivery, overseas shipping, custom-making of clothing, cosmetics and makeup, optometry and others. Every seller in Lufthansa Mall speaks at least one foreign language, has expertise of goods sold, and offers friendly service to customers. It is also the first mall to have adopted a professional products management system, a shopping center leading in securing the double international ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO9002 international quality system certification, and the first Sino-foreign joint venture shopping center ever opened. Since its opening, the Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Mall, adhering to the principle of "being firs- class at home and conforming to international standards", has always been committed to providing customers with a "exquisite life" . Since its opening, the Lufthansa Shopping Mall has received over 300 national and community awards, the national honors of " Chinese Shopping Enterprises with Famous Brand " and "Chinese Services Enterprises  with Famous Brand" in 2002.


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