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Sanlitun Bar Street

      Sanlitun, one of the liveliest nightlife places in Beijing.

      It is said that the zone within 3 kilometers around Sanlitun concentrates over 40% of all Beijing bars, meaning that with these 200 bars, it is one of the most visited places by foreigners and wealthy Chinese celebrities in the Beijing area.

      Sanlitun Bar Street is one of the most prosperous nightlife streets of Beijing, frequented by foreigners living in Beijing and wealthy celebrities from all over China. Every night and every moment, people are partying and crowds overflowing with the luxury and the tumult of a noisy metropolis standing out with their bright colors. Sanlitun Bar Street has always given a sense of "flowers through the fog", and we cannot see its true face, nor exactly know how to define it commercially.

     To the northeast of the bar street is the embassy district, and the street has such a great reputation that some foreign embassies, on their address plate, changed the name of "Sanlitun Street" into "Sanlitun Bar Street". The Bar Street is open every afternoon until early on the following morning.

     Every day, many foreigners come here by car or taxi, especially at night.Many Chinese meet their clients or friends here. This street is a place for communication.

     Today, the Bar Street is full of solicitors who seek to lead you to bars. As long as you agree,the only thing you can do is waiting to be overcharged!

     But in the heart of the streets of Sanlitun Village (also known as the Taeiguli Village) you can also find many shops, bars and restaurants worth visiting.


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