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BDS Recommendation
  • Elementary Chinese 2
    Targeted for learners who know vocabulary of 300 words Improve pronunciation level, master basic Chinese vocabulary and sentence patterns, capable of listening, speaking and conversation at See More>>
  • Elementary Chinese 1
    Targeted for beginners Preliminarily master Chinese pinyin, basic vocabulary and sentence patterns; preliminarily capable of listening and speaking, as well as expressions in everyday life See More>>
  • Elementary Chinese 3
    Targeted for learners who know vocabulary of 800 words Master basic Chinese grammar, and capable of exchanges on daily topics See More>>
  • Chinese Characters
    Learn to read and write Chinese characters, and remove Chinese character obstacles for further Chinese study Capable of simple reading Learn around 800 Chinese characters See More>>
  • Elementary Listening
    Targeted for beginners Rapidly improve listening capability by way of intensive training See More>>
  • Mandarin Pronunciation
    Set teaching program based on learners’ pronunciation problems, correct their pronunciation through trainingTu See More>>
  • Everyday Chinese
    Targeted for beginners and also suitable for wives who take care of housework Designed to rapidly solve language problems in daily life Use special textbooks compiled by LCC See More>>
  • Chinese for Children
    Help children learn Chinese, master Chinese pinyin and vocabulary and build a fun and natural language environment by using games, stories, pictures See More>>
  • New HSK Courses Level 1
    Targeted for beginners Designed to help beginners master 150 the most commonly used words and relevant grammar; understand and use some simple Chinese words See More>>
  • New HSK Courses Level 2
    Targeted for elementary learners who have studied for over 50 hours Designed to help learners master 300 the most commonly used words and relevant grammar; be capable of using Chinese See More>>
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