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    Training Center

    The Training Center of China Jiaoyuan International Economic and Technological Cooperation Company (Hereinafter referred to as training center) was established in October 2003.  Coordinating with the reform and adjustment of Japanese skill learning and practical system, the training center was aimed to strengthen the training of agricultural skills and upgrade labor skills for personnel going abroad so as to adapt quickly in Japan afterwards.  By the end of 2009, we established a comprehensive training center, forming an integrated system of language learning, ideological education and practical skill training. 

    Two areas exist in the training center: teaching and living area, and practice area for agricultural techniques.

    Covering 1,500 square meters, the teaching and living area is equipped with classrooms, dormitories, multifunctional activity rooms, reading rooms, washrooms, shower rooms and canteen.

    Covering an area of about 280 acres, the practice area for agricultural techniques has two intelligent greenhouses (each covers 2,000 square meters), 36 brick-structured plastic film greenhouses (each covers 80 square meters), 26 plastic film arched sheds (each covers 315 square meters), and nearly 40 acres of outdoor upland fields. 

    The training center has four full-time teachers with rich experience and two part-time teachers, offering courses of Japanese language, Introduction of Japan, Laws and regulations, Career rules, Custom and culture, Sanitation knowledge, Fire prevention and traffic knowledge, etc. In addition, many returnees who have been trained for practical skills in Japan, are responsible for teaching agricultural skills and living guidance. 

    The training center can accommodate up to 150 people at a time, providing targeted language and skill training used in multiple work types. 

    Envoy Saitou couple from the Japanese Embassy in China paid an inspection visit to our training center.

    Counselor Kamei , also the minister of consular section of the Japanese Embassy in China, came to our training center for investigation, together with his staff.  

    A video clip of Jiaoyuan Training Center