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Warm-hearted Service in Cold Winter ——Briefing for Key Client by Jianwai Property Management

The China-Canada kindergarten is a key customer of the Jianwai Property Department. Since its moving in to the Jianwai DRC,we have always maintained a good relationship with it and has won its recognition with our considerate service.

At 6:00 in the morning of December 10, 2020, the security of China-Canada kindergarten found water leaking in the third floor of the classroom.Emergency repairs were immediately implemented by Jianwai Property Department . When it was learned that the kindergarten would hold an important activity at 9:00 that day , more than 50 security and cleaning staff were sent for assistance.After an hour of emergency maintenance, the kindergarten was completely restored to welcome the scheduled activity. After the accident, the principal of the kindergarten sent a letter of thanks to the property department for its considerate service and efficient work.


On January 14, 2021, after learning that the China-Canada kindergarten planed to hold a fire drill for the children, the Jianwai Property Department took the initiative to confirm all the preparation details on time, location and fire-fighting equipment as well as evacuation routes,facility maintenance and indoor and outdoor sanitation and disinfection.

The activity was held on January 20 as scheduled attended by more than 50 teachers, students and logistics staff in the kindergarten. Leaders of the property department, media experts and members of the governance committee also participated in the exercise. In order to popularize fire fighting knowledge, the kindergarten proposed to add in the demonstration of fire fighting equipment besides the fire drill.We immediately activated the mini fire fighting station and set up exclusive areas for the safety of the children during the fire fighting equipment display.

At 9:30 a.m., the drill officially began. The technical fire defense team triggered the smoke sensor outside the kitchen on the second floor of the kindergarten.The kindergarten’s fire protection broadcast was activated and the children were evacuated in an orderly manner under the guidance of the teachers. The staff of the central control room rushed to the scene with emergency kits right after receiving the alarm.Everyone in the kindergarten were safely evacuated to the designated place in 180 seconds. After ensuring the safety of the site,we introduced the operation on fire-fighting equipment of extinguishers and fire blankets.The teachers’successful demonstration won warm applause from the children on site. After the event, the kindergarten again sent a thank you letter together with the lovely paintings drawn by the children for the property department’s warm and caring service in the cold winter.

The Jianwai Property Management Department would provide professional and sincere serves for our customers and enable them to enjoy a comfortable and leisure time in Jianwai DRC.






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29 January 2021

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