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Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building

Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building
52 years of internationally premium quality service

1.       Located in a central area with convenient transportation conditions
Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office building is a 5A office building meticulously developed by Beijing Housing Service Corporation for Diplomatic Missions in the third embassy zone in Beijing. It is located in the central area of Lufthansa commercial zone in the eastern Third Ring Road, facing Chaoyang Park to its east, next to the Sanlitun commercial center to its west, bordering Sanyuanqiao commercial area to its north, and close to the CBD to its south. It stands next to the Liangmaqiao Station of Subway Line 10, accessed by over 20 bus lines, and is only 30 minutes’ drive from the Capital Airport, thus enjoying very favorable geographical conditions.
It stands close to the embassies of US, France, Japan and ROK, embedded with a strong diplomatic atmosphere. It is close to a number of five-star hotels such as Westin, Kempinski and Hilton Hotel, surrounded by foreign-related apartments, international schools and shopping centers such as Liangmaqiao DRC, Canadian International School of Beijing, German school, Beijing Lufthansa Center, Solana, Ladies’ Street, Laitai Flower Market and Carrefour, able to meet people’s needs for work, daily life and entertainment. 

2.       Having 25 types of apartments, able to meet diversified work requirements 
The total construction area of the project is 107866 square meters, of which 73,000 square meters are above the ground and 34,866 square meters underground, composed of two office buildings, Building D and E, with a total office construction area of 56,000 square meters. It offers 82 housing units available for renting which are of 25 types of designing, able to meet tailored working needs.

2.1 Types of apartments in Building D 

户型Layout 建筑面积   (平方米)Construction area(square meters) 套数Number of apartments 位置(楼层)Location   (floor) 可出租套数Number of apartments available for rent  
Building D
D1+D2 808.4 4 4~7 18  
D3 375.2 4 4~7  
D4 406.56 4 4~7  
D5 560.3 4 4~7  
D6 1658.36 1 8  
D7 1124.37 1 9  

2.2 Main types of apartments of Building E
户型Types 建筑面积(平方米)Construction area(square meters) 套数Number of apartments 位置(楼层)Location(floor) 可出租套数Number of apartments available for rent
Building E
E1 752.14 8 4~11 64
E2a 476.91 1 4
E2 509.56 7 5~11
E3 771.25 8 4~11
E4 415.86 8 4~11
E12-1 521.72 1 12
E12-2 521.72 1 12
E12-3 495.31 1 12
E12-4 504.04 1 12
E5 526.06 4 13~16
E6 527.31 4 13~16
E7 491.82 4 13~16
E8 500.49 4 13~16
E11 1019.06 2 17~18
E12 1029.13 2 17~18
E13 2052.52 2 19~20
E9 771.42 2 21~22
E10 775.13 2 21~22
E14 1551.32 2 23~24

3.        5A office building, 5-star property management and 5-star office quality 
u  5A office building: flexible, expandable, having a 5A-level smart management system integrating OA(Automatic Office Control), CA(Automatic Communication System), FA(Automatic Fire Prevention System), SA(Security Monitoring System) and BA(Building Automation System)
u  5-star property management and service: the property management is undertaken by  Beijing Housing Service Corporation for Diplomatic Missions Liangmaqiao Property Management Department, which has won awards such as “Beijing Five-star Property Management Demonstration Community” and “National Excellent Award” for its management of Liangmaqiao DRC
u  A greening rate of 30%, equipped with a sunken plaza and water scene
u  Central air conditioning system, with each floor able to independently offer delay freezing and heating. FCU and new wind system adopted at the end part. Air conditioning unit has a bactericidal function
u  Dual 10kv power supply. Smart lightening in the public area, which can minimize the use of energy
u  Optical fiber connected to each household and the bandwidth can reach 250MB in theory. Overhead network floor covers office area.
u  Power source for advertising reserved at the top floor, and information release system reserved in the elevator hall
u  Glass curtain wall is double hollow (6 +12 +6), with sound insulation, heat insulation and anti-ultraviolet function. Shanghai Yaopi brand glass
u  Smart parking management, and sufficient parking sites including 19 parking spaces above ground and 454 underground
u  18 Schindler elevators, 20 Mitsubishi escalators, able to ensure sufficient movement of the people within the shortest possible time
u  Main brands: McQuay air conditioning units, Novartis fire fighting system, and Siemens building control system
u  Awards won: leading award for construction and design, sample work site for green construction, passing the Great Wall Cup assessment, and seeking for Lu Ban Award (named after Lu Ban, the Master Carpenter in ancient China)

4. One-stop office work and related commercial service 

u  Business Conference: a modern multi-functional hall (560m2) and 8 meeting rooms (90-260 m2) are available on the third floor of the office building. The multi-functional hall can be used for international conferences, lectures, banquets and performances, equipped with simultaneous interpretation and live broadcasting facilities. The meeting rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and lift-type computer displays, able to serve for paperless conferences. They are also equipped with video-conference facilities.

Lifestyle commercial services: equipped with complete service facilities including restaurants, cafe, bakeries and employees’ dining hall, able to meet different catering demands. There are also banks, yoga rooms, barber's shops and luxury shops, able to provide comprehensive one-stop commercial service.


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