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Corporate Culture

Enterprise Culture System of Beijing International Club


1.               1.Core Idea

 “Care and Love” are the core idea of enterprise culture of Beijing International Club. These two words have rich connotation, which contain the care and protection of the enterprise for employees, and meanwhile reflect the concern, care and dedication of employees for the enterprise’s development. This is in line with “People First” advocated by Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions (BSBDM), and echo the purpose of culture of “Diplomatic Service” of BSBDM. “Care and Love” can also be understood as “Service”, that is the enterprise “Services Employees”, employees “Service the Enterprise”, and in the end “Service Diplomacy”.

 2. Institutional Systems

To ensure the inheritance, spread, implementation and execution of enterprise culture, International Club sets up the enterprise culture construction group with the enterprise’s deputy general manager as group leader, the hotel’s deputy general manager and the enterprise’s deputy party secretary as deputy group leaders. Group members include 10 employees at all levels in the enterprise and the hotel, and a complete set of enterprise culture system is built with its slogan as “implementation with direction, system with security”.

3. Main Characteristics

(1) Care and Love Employees

Employees are the inexhaustible source of enterprise’s development, in constructing the enterprise culture of “Care and Love”, we always make employees first, care and protect employees, and do practical and good things for employees, let employees feel the warmth of home when being given developing space.

(2) Care and Love Customers

Customers are valuable assets of enterprise’s development. International Club always puts “Customer Care” in the first place of service. In hardware facilities, we strive to provide best convenience and quality; in software service, we strive to be most considerate and caring.

(3) Care and Love Enterprise

Employees’ care and love for enterprise is the real power of enterprise’s development, as each employee achieves the “Care and Love” from the enterprise, he or she serves customers wholeheartedly with scrupulous working attitude. Their unremitting efforts lay a solid foundation for the club’s substantial development.

(4) Care and Love Business

Care and love of enterprise on business can be shown in its love on industry. Since the founding of New China, as an important window of diplomatic service, International Club has always been at the forefront of diplomatic service. We are conscientious and do our best to strive for perfection on every foreign reception mission, add bricks and tiles on Chinese diplomacy. Besides, our company takes an active part in energy saving and emission reduction business, establishes “Green Enterprise”, contributes strength for National environmental protection industry.

4. Explorations and Practice

(1)Company-owned St. Regis Beijing Hotel appraises “Starwood Cares Award” among employees through comparison monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and in every year end. Combined with company performance evaluation programs, the company selects Excellent Staff Awards in every year end, which are rewards for employees caring and loving enterprise’s development.

(2)Every year before the Spring Festival, the company and hotel respectively organizes employees to make large-scale festivities, employees of each department write and act by themselves, which entertain their body and mind, edify their sentiment and enhance their friendship.

(3)Company actively organizes employees to travel and have various leisure activities, and sets up various interest groups, hold recreational and sports activities such as photography, table tennis, football, tennis and so on regularly

(4)To provide a more comfortable, health, environmentally friendly work environment, in 2014, the company installed the office building with products of American famous brand Pennair 3M high-efficiency air purifier, which won customers’ unanimous praise.

(5)The company actively develops energy saving and emission reducing. It completed “12th five-year” energy saving plan targets issued by National Development and Reform Commission two years earlier in 2013.

(6)On Oct.19, 2014, the company participated in the large international bazaar of “Unbounded Love-sending hope to poor mountain villages” held by Mrs. Qian Wei, the wife of Foreign Minister Wang Yi.