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Butler Service in St. Regis : A Downton-Abbey-Style Luxury——About Ru Bing

In 1904, John Jacob Astor went to New York and created a high-end brand St. Regis that features customer-tailored butler services. Since then, St. Regis has become a symbol of the most exclusive hotels in the world, and its customer-tailored butler services have become an enduring world-renowned brand. In 1997, the first luxury Five-Star Hotel crowning with the name St. Regis in Asia “The St. Regis Beijing” was founded in Beijing (formerly Beijing International Club Hotel, which has a long history). Here the distinctive butler services are inherited and developed. Ru Bing, the manager of the Steward Department, is distinguished among others.

At the first sight of him, you will be attracted by his gentility. Dressed in a tailcoat, he always wears a warm smile. The attire he wears is not common in modern hotel, but it exactly symbolizes the distinctive style of St. Regis and the inheritance of the corporate tradition and culture which has lasted for a hundred years. Since he held the post of the manager of the Steward Department, Ru Bing has been consistently dedicated to providing high-quality and high-standard services so that customers feel as if they are in an 18-century stylish and elegant European manor to experience the exquisite lifestyle of nobles.

In St. Regis, every customer can enjoy round-the-clock butler services that are tailored to their personal needs. The butlers are well trained and well qualified to meet customers’ needs, tastes, and preferences. They thoughtfully consider every detail of customer’s lives.

To provide satisfactory services for customers, Ru Bing has made great efforts. Before a customer comes, he does his utmost to understand the customer’s religious belief, ethic culture, and unique interests so that he can provide considerate services. When he serves a customer, he will carefully observe the customer’s habits and preferences and record them into a file. The next time the customer comes to the hotel, he will use the file to make preparations for the reception. For example, he will change the orchid into the customer’s favorite lily, change the down feather pillow into the customer’s favorite buckwheat husk pillow, or prepare the voltage transformer for the customer, etc. He can even remember the side to which the customer would like to pull the curtain. His subtle care is like a flow of clear spring nourishing customers’ minds. It is this kind of first-class butler services that make St. Regis stand out and gain popularity at home and abroad for hundreds of years.

Now, Ru Bing has been promoted as the manager of the Steward Department. He seeks for even greater perfection in his job. Once when he received a reservation of a customer, he found out that the customer stayed in the hotel for five times in 1999 but never come again in the following 15 years. So he exhorted the butler in charge to present the customer with the remark “Welcome to St. Regis again!” when greeting the customer at the entrance. The customer felt surprised but then deeply touched that the staff in this hotel even remember his visit 15 years ago. It is just because of the considerate services that the steward services of St. Regis gain popularity.

Ru Bing once received a lot of foreign senior leaders, such as George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. For his excellent services provided for the presidents, the White House conferred him Outstanding Contribution Awards for several times. Upholding the “Golden Key” service concept of “Although we cannot do anything, we’ll do everything we can”, Ru Bing and his colleagues will continue carry forward their symbolic culture “Tradition is Future” to create the next legend of St. Regis.




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