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Business Process

1. Business consultancy and reception

Customers provide relevant information and enable us to understand the technical details.


2. Design scheme and design sketch

Depending on the measurements obtained during the home visit, the designer will provide the conceptual design, show the design sketches, and communicate with the customers in order to reach a consensus.

3. Project budget

Based on the consensus on the conceptual design, the project budget will be made.

4. Signing the contract

Signing a construction contract with the customer.

5. Design and construction plans

Provide a construction plan on the basis of technical drawings and the design plan.

6. Start of construction

The customer chooses the most favorable day for the start of construction. A standardized process of construction management will be used, and the project manager will ensure overall control of the construction process.

7. Completion acceptance

After a self-check, we will invite customers to conduct the inspection for completion acceptance on the spot.

8. After-sales service

Warranty obligations will be performed based on the content and the time limit indicated in the warranty certificate.

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