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Company overview

Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions Ring-Do Car Renting Center, affiliated to the Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions (BDS), was established in 1993. With years of service experiences, the Center has developed friendly business partnerships with clients by providing long-term or short-term vehicle rental services  to foreign embassies, representative offices of news agencies in Beijing, foreign-invested enterprises in Beijing, the International Club Hotel and the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. With the advanced management concept, good brandname and around-the-clock service, it has won high praises from its clients, and has been awarded the title of the “Beijing Credible Vehicle Rental Enterprise”. From 2011 to 2013, the Center has been consecutively conferred the title of the “Excellent Enterprise in Management and Service Quality Inspection” by Beijing Municipal Transportation Administration Bureau. In 2014, the Center was appointed as the “Designated Enterprise for Providing Vehicle Rental Service (2015-2016) to Municipal-level Government Departments and Public Institutions in Beijing, the “Designated Supplier for Official Vehicle Rental Service Procurement (2014-2015) for Central State Organs of China, and the “Designated Supplier for Vehicle Rental Service Procurement (2015) for CPC Central Committee Organs”..

The Beijing Ring-Do Vehicle Rental Center for Diplomatic Missions offers a variety of high-end and middle-end vehicles, ranging from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Buick Commercial, Passat, Geely Bory, BMW ZINORO1E, and BAIC new energy cars. Clients can purchase vehicles that suit their needs and select means of renting to meet long-term renting, short-term renting, airport pick-up and business visits demands.


Beijing Ring-Do Vehicle Rent Center for Diplomatic Missions

Short-term rental business: 010-65326328

Long-term rental business: 010-85323815

Car convoy for diplomatic use: 1390139****

Supervision and Complaints: 010-65321197

Service Line: 010-65326328

Fax: 010-85322830

E-mail: ydzhongxin@bds-cn.com