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Corporate culture

The Center, established in 1993, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Services Bureau for Diplomatic Missions (BDS), which provides quality services to foreign embassies, foreign news organizations, foreign-funded enterprises, the International Club Hotel and the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, and has become one of the leading vehicle rental companies in the sector.

"Ring-Do”, the unified brand identity used for years by the Center when working with foreign embassies, foreign news organizations, foreign-funded enterprises as well as the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and the International Club Hotel in Beijing, is still in use with its connotation being constantly enriched. The Center has always adhered to the principles of "quality, attitude and efficiency", and insisted on the "safety and comfortableness" of vehicles at the beginning of its founding. Later on, the Center started to focus on “Convenience and speed". After years of constant development, the Center now aims to achieve the goal of providing "excellent service experience and high customer satisfaction", improve the customer experience, and make "Ring-Do" the number 1 brand for diplomatic use in the vehicle services sector. With the high quality service and high customer satisfaction, the Center has been classified for many years as a leading company in the annual evaluation process of car rental companies in Beijing. It has received for many years consecutively the title of the “Trustworthy Business Unit in Beijing Car Rent  Sector” and the Executive-director-general Level Institution of High-end Car Rental Service Alliance.

In addition to the enriched connotation of the brand, the Center also increases the awareness of Ring-Do through various channels and improves the visibility of "Ring-Do" as a brand of cars for diplomats’ use. "Pleasure reading·BDS" is a periodical issued by the BDS to foreign embassies, foreign news agencies in Beijing and our wholesale customers.The Center is a regular contributor to the magazine, in which it promotes the company’s brandname. For new car models, the Center organized test events on the road, and invited existing and potential customers to participate, so as to increase direct customer experience with the vehicles. In addition, the Center also supports a variety of cultural activities, organized by Ring-do Culture Company, such as the Night of diplomats, exchange activities on Chinese medicine for diplomatic envoys, and bridge tournaments. In addition to the development of its own business, the Ring-do Culture Company, assists the Center with the promotion of its car brands.

In response to the State's policy of supporting the development of indigenous brands of cars and encouraging the use of new energy vehicles, the Center has actively adjusted the structure of its models, buying local brand cars and electric vehicles, such as Geely Bory, Zhinuo electric vehicles, BAIC electric cars and other models. Moreover, since 2014, the Center became a designated supplier for the rental of vehicles by the central government, the designatedl supplier for vehicle rental by organs under the central government's jurisdiction, and the designated supplier for vehicle procurement by the Beijing Municipal Government, laying a good foundation for entering the government procurement market.

Mr. Qian Hongshan, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, has repeatedly mentioned that the twenty-first century will be an era of knowledge economy, information economy and networked economy, where the "Internet +" mode will become the new normal on the enterprise, industry, and government levels. The Center will rely on the Internet for a gradual transition to a networked rental service model and, through an online platform, allow the use of self-service vehicles and renting timeshare, so as to cut car rent costs, and directly enhance the user service experience. At the same time, the use of the online platform will reduce rental costs, improve customer satisfaction and help launch advertising and brand promotion campaigns.


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