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Car leasing Assistance - Our commitment


Provide free telephone consultancy service round the clock, offer clean, efficient and comfortable vehicles, provide emergency rescue service within the Beijing administrative region round the clock, ensure intervention in two hours in case of an incident inside the fifth ring road or within 20 km distance. In areas outside of the 5th ring road and beyond the 20 km distance, the tenant should be informed of the arrival time in advance, or other quick rescue measures should be taken. After the arrival of the repairer, if the customer cannot wait for the repair of the vehicle or if the repairer fails to make the vehicle safe to drive after a long time, we will provide in a timely manner a replacement car corresponding to the function and the rental prices fixed, or take other corrective measures as agreed upon between the two parties.

Rescue Service complaints Tel :

Service Hotline : 65326328  85323815

Rescue Service : 85322452

Complaint Phone : 65321197

Traffic Accident Assistance : 85322452


Beijing Ring-Do Vehicle Rent Center for Diplomatic Missions

Short-term rental business: 010-65326328

Long-term rental business: 010-85323815

Car convoy for diplomatic use: 13901399550

Supervision and Complaints: 010-65321197

Service Line: 010-65326328

Fax: 010-85322830

E-mail: ydzhongxin@bds-cn.com