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Important things to know about when renting vehicles


Before renting the vehicle

1. Read the "Vehicle Rental Agreement "

2. Carefully check the technical condition of the rented vehicle, its appearance, its tools and objects provided, its various features and the usage of vehicle antitheft devices.

3. Put the rental agreement and the various documents in a safe place.

During the leasing period

1. Before driving the vehicle, be sure to carefully check the vehicle engine oil levels, fuel, water, brakes, horn, lights, tires and other conditions related to vehicle performance. Make sure you are not blocking the brake pedal and there are no heavy objects on the coat rack, to ensure effective braking.

2. When driving, be sure to carefully observe the traffic laws, wear the seat belt, warn passengers not to leave any part of their body outside the car, and ensure the safety of the trip. Also be sure to always be courteous, eliminate drunk driving, pay attention to red lights, speeding, illegal parking, lending vehicles to others and other violations.

3. Please fill the vehicle with unleaded gasoline.

4. If you are traveling with children, please make sure you use the child safety locks on doors, and never leave children alone in the car.

5. When you leave the vehicle, be sure to use anti-theft devices, and do not leave valuables and flammable and explosive materials in the car to prevent theft or damages to the vehicle or your personal belongings.

6. To ensure the comfort of the vehicle you use and save fuel, please use the vehicle properly : gently press on the accelerator, slowly lift the clutch, do not overload the vehicle for long periods. Do not use electrical equipment for excessively long periods to avoid overloading the engine and wasting energy and fuel. In case of abnormal noise and warning light signals, please contact us quickly. Do not personally intervene. We will repair it for you as quickly as possible.

7. For your safety and your health, be sure to keep the vehicle clean inside and out, empty ashtrays, and evacuate gas lighters, cans, hair spray and other materials flammable and explosive if they have been heated.

8. After rain and snow, please rinse the vehicle quickly (especially the chassis, wheels) to reduce the corrosive components. If the vehicle has gone in the water, be sure to check the engine, and if any water is found, immediately stop the vehicle and notify the insurance company or professional repairers for inspection, and avoid by all means restarting the engine or continuing driving.

9. If you go out of the administrative city limits, please contact us in advance so we can verify the vehicle in a timely manner and provide evidence of the purchase tax of the vehicle.

10. In case of the accident, traffic accident, or if the vehicle is stolen or damaged, contact your local police department, and at the same time, under the relevant provisions of the rental agreement, contact us within 24 hours, so that we can handle the problem ASAP.

11. Be sure to take care of your car keys, security lock key, driving licenses, maintenance certificate, tools and other items belonging to the vehicle, and be sure none is missing or damaged.

12. Pay rental fees in a timely manner and ask for an invoice.

13. Drive the vehicle in a timely manner to the place designated by our company for free maintenance and annual inspection. Do not exceed the expected mileage.

Vehicle return

1. Please fill the tank of the vehicle before returning it to the company.

2. Upon return of the vehicle, be sure to take away everything that belongs to you and not forget anything.

3. Carefully count your money, ask for a copy of the invoice and keep it carefully.


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