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Protocol cars delivery ceremony organized by the Ring-do Center and the Geely Group


On March 20, 2015, the Beijing BDS Ring-do Vehicle Rent Center and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group held a grand delivery ceremony at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. The first 20 Geely protocol cars for use by diplomats were formally delivered to the Ring-do Center. Assistant Foreign Minister Qian Hongshan, President of Geely Group, Li Shufu, and representatives of both parties attended the ceremony. Michel Malherbe, the Belgian Ambassador, the Uruguayan Ambassador Rosario Portell, and Mr. Mark Wareing, British Minister-counselor, and other diplomats from 16 countries were invited to attend the ceremony. Su Wen, Deputy Director General of BDS, delivered a speech at the ceremony.

The Center provides high-end car services to foreign diplomats, international organizations and news agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and government and business elites in Beijing. It has diplomatic-use car fleets stationed in Diaoyutai and St. Regis, offering a special car service for protocol purposes. The choice of Geely Brilliant as a diplomatic protocol vehicle marks the first time the Center uses a China-made vehicle for providing protocol services for diplomatic missions.

With the support of Assistant Minister Qian Hongshan and the leaders of the BDS and based on the comprehensive and in-depth study earlier conducted, the Geely Group, with its indigenous vehicle brand, was selected as the Center’s first strategic partner. Since the beginning of the cooperation, the Volvo S80L from a subsidiary of Geely and the Geely Brilliant became ceremonial reception/protocol vehicles of the Center, providing professional services to foreign embassies conducting diplomatic activities.


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