The Interview

Arriving for your interview prepared is key to ensure truely processing of your visa application. You should be aware of the following before coming for your appointment:

Carry with You to the Interview:

Your valid passport and previously issued passports (see six-month rule here)

The DS-160 confirmation page with barcode

Supporting documents for your visa class listed here


We advise applicants to arrive no more than 30 minutes before your scheduled interview.  Applicants who arrive more than 60 minutes after their appointment time will have to reschedule.


Due to security concerns and space limitations, U.S. consular sections do not permit interested parties, such as friends, relatives, attorneys or business contacts, to attend the visa interview with the applicant.

You will be screened by security personnel before entry.  Certain items are not permitted.  These items include, but are not limited to, the list below.  We do not supply storage for restricted items; please leave the following at home or your hotel:

Cell Phones

Weapons of any kind

Laptops, tablet computers, e-readers


Purses or backpacks

One, Two, Three

Completion of your interview is a three-step process. 

1. After you go through security, a staff member will escort you to a reception window for data entry.  This is a great opportunity to correct any information that may have been entered incorrectly on your DS-160 NIV Application.

2. You will then be escorted to the fingerprint station, where we will take your finger prints.

3. Finally, you will be escorted to a visa officer’s window to be interviewed.