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Beijing Jiaoyuan Construction Co., Ltd.

The Beijing Jiaoyuan Construction Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “the Company”)was funded and established by theChina Jiaoyuan Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation. As ajoint-stock limitedliabilitycompany registered with the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau, the Company is an independentlegal person entity.

Approved by the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission, the Company has the following qualifications: the Housing Construction Project Construction General Contracting Qualification (Grade 2), the Construction Decoration Project Specialized Contracting Qualification (Grade 2), the Construction Intellectualization Project Specialized Contracting Qualification (Grade 3) and the Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Installation Project Specialized Contracting Qualification (Grade 3). It has 116 engineering and technical personnel, including 90 staff with senior professional and technical titles and 4 Level-1 and 11 Level-2 constructors. The total assets of the company is worth approximately RMB6,8000,000. The Company has a complete organizational structure and sound regulations, has passed the quality management certification inspection of ISO9001, the environment quality management certification inspection of ISO14001 and the occupational health and safety management certification inspection of GB/T28001.

Projects that have been completed by the Company successfully include the Singaporean project, theIsrael Hotelproject, the renovation projects of Chinese Embassies in Mozambique, DPRK, Mexico, Jordan, Tunis and Georgia, Chinese Consulates General in New York and Los Angeles. In recent years, we have also undertaken and completed a number of foreign embassies premise renovation projects and DRC construction and renovation projects, which include theRenovation Project of Jianwai DRC and the Construction Project of Liangmaqiao DRC.Alltheseprojects, especially the projects related to foreign diplomatic missions,have been appraised as excellent and fine projects in the completion inspection and acceptance process, and have won praises from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese Embassies abroad and the BDS. Among them, the Renovation Project of Jianwai DRC has been awarded the title of “Beijing Excellent Construction Decoration Project”.

Since its establishment, the Company has beenactivelyparticipating in market competition, strengthening itself and increasing its influence. Project managers of the Company, familiar with the embassies' requirements in respect of the functions, technology, security and confidentiality of embassies, have gained extensive experience of embassy project management and project construction and have built a team of highly professional management personnel and construction workers.

In undertaking the projects of Chineseembassies and consulates, the Company aims to continue adopting stringent management approaches, requiring strict compliance with foreign affairs disciplines and providing services with sincerity and conscientiousness. By attaching importance to implementing contracts, keeping faith, abiding by laws and regulations and seeking continuous development in market competition, the Company strives to make contribution to promoting the diplomatic cause and the economic development of China.


Beijing Jiaoyuan ConstructionCo. Ltd

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