Diplomatic Missions Project Consulting and Exclusive Management

In accordance with the exclusive management policies on diplomatic projects set out by the Chinese government, the Capital Construction Division of BDC (Beijing Diplomatic Service) is in charge of the construction work of office buildings and residential buildings for diplomatic missions, offices of international organizations and foreign news agencies and their families, service staff, management, education personnel and guards as well as of buildings of supporting public facilities in Beijing.

Main Services

The Capital Construction Division provides professional and technical services for foreign customers in anall-around way, which can be listed as follows:

① Consulting service on basic construction procedures

Going through formalities required in respect of project planning and construction commencement on behalf of construction companies

Supervising project construction at the construction site

Organizing the acceptance and transference of the project


For decades, there are 118 embassies and diplomatic offices along with 5 DRCs (Diplomatic Residence Compounds) built by the Capital Construction Division. Projects that have been completed include: the new Embassy of the United States in China, the new Embassy of France in China, the new Embassy of India in China, the new Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China and the Ambassador’s Residence, expanded Embassy of Norway, the Office Building of the Japanese Embassy, and the built-on project of the Embassy of Switzerland.

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