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Four Oceans Sharing a Same Bright Moon, we Celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival Reunion

On September 29, the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, co-hosted by the Qijiayuan Property Department and the Xiushui Community of Jianwai Subdistrict, was successfully held in the Qijiayuan DRC. Over 60 people from more than 10 families from Britain, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries attended the party.

The main line of this Mid-Autumn Festival Gala was to show traditional Chinese culture and experience the beauty of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Before the audience entered the venue, on-site staff measured the body temperature of the audience to ensure safety. Afterwards, folk music, magic, opera, acrobatics and other programs were wonderfully performed on the stage one after another. The Peking Opera "Neo Drunken Concubine" made the audience feel the quintessence of the country. A series of difficult movements of the acrobats made the audience applaud. The face-changing actors of Sichuan opera also walked to the audience to perform in close distance. The face change was completed in an instant, and its superb skills made the audience exclaim. At the end was a folk-custom interaction session. The traditional craftsmen instructed the residents to knead dough, draw sugar paintings, and write characters like flowers and birds. The event ended successfully in a happy atmosphere.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. Although the customs vary from country to country, people have the same desire for reunion and harmony and the pursuit of a better life. This event, taking culture as the line, presented a series of shows on stage, availing families from all over the world to understand each other and integrate into the big DRC family.

At present, major achievements have been made in domestic epidemic prevention and control. In the post-epidemic era, how to continue to organize activities and provide services is an important work direction that Qijiayuan Property Department continues to explore. It is hoped that through this event, domestic and foreign customers can further enhance their recognition of DRC services, enhance the influence and favorability of the DRC brand in the missions in China, promote mutual learning between civilizations and enhance people-to-people bonds, while provides sufficient impetus for the further development of the post-epidemic DRC.\


Qijiayuan Property Department, Housing Service Corporation

Sep. 30, 2020



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