Jianwai Media Center

Position:located in the Eastern District of Jianwai DRC at the junction of Chang’an Avenue and Dong’erhuan (East Ring 2)


Features:China Unicom (Beijing Branch), as our strategic partner, provides quality communication services around the world, which include basic voice calls, IP CENTREX corporate calls, ISDN, ADSL broadband access, telephone and video meeting system and others. It can also enable high-speed Internet connection ranging from 4M to 1000M according to clients’ requirements, and offer point-to-point DSL service, even laying the fiber directly onto the client’s desktop. In addition, the Jianwai Media Center also provides customized products: audio and video transmission and satellite communications and broadband access. Those are commonly used services in news conferences, studios and editing studios, which can meet the needs of news reporters in rapid editing, transmitting and receiving of videos and text reports. Temporary information service centers can also be set up to provide overall rental service of communication and information transfer editing equipment. China Unicom (Beijing) offers also special a secured access channel to the Internet for diplomatic residents. The Internet access speed rate of North American, Japanese and European connection has been tested and proven to be significantly above that of other zones.

Property:A team of property management staff with over 40 years’ experience works for the DRC. The Property Management Department of the Jianwai DRC has set up a 24-hour customer service hotline and is committed to offer “considerate and exclusive top-notch servic

Standard configuration:complete facilities with a kitchen, two or more bathrooms (at least one of them equipped with shower facilities).

Diplomatic Residential Compounds
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The Jianwai Media Center, located in the eastern district of Jianwai DRC, is a new project operated for offices of international agencies in Beijing and has injected a new vigor in the time-honored and renowned Jianwai DRC. It stands at the junction of Chang’an Avenue and Dong’erhuan (East Ring 2), to the northeast of Jianguomen Overpass. It is also located in the vicinity of transfer stations on subway Line 1 and Line 2 and a great number of bus lines, with convenient public transports.

It covers an overall floor space of 84100㎡, with a ground area of 48000㎡for offices, residences, clubhouses and auxiliary houses as well as an underground area of 36100㎡for parking, clubhouses, equipment storage and property management. The underground parking offers shelter for 500 autos.

The Jianwai Media Center comprises four buildings, No.13, No.14, No.15 and No.16. Building No.13 is a residential building, Building No. 14 is a commercial and residential one while Building No.15 and No.16 are office ones. There are in all 201 sets of suites, with 92 suites for office and 109 suites for residence. Consistent with the usual diplomatic style of nobleness and elegance, ithas a floor area ratio of 2.94% and greening ratio of 31.2%.

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