• Timeshare Rentals
  • Personalized service
  • Conference and Exhibition Vehicles
  • Local / long-distance chartered services
  • Airport Transfer
  • Car convoy for Foreign Affairs
Timeshare Rentals
Our center launched a new lease model of timeshare rentals of pure electric vehicles which allows customers to use the built-in system and an application on your mobile phone to find a car, open the door with a smart card, and see if the car reaches the parking place In simple terms, after the end of the lease, a client does not need to go to a specific place to return the car, instead, he she can just park it in any of the eight districts of Beijing, to enable another user nearby to use it
Personalized service
According to individual customer’s wish to rent a car, our center can purchase new vehicles for customers with the demand for long-term leases (minimum 2 years) Customers can choose the model and style that suits them, select the color or add an option, even choose the last digit of the license plate The Sales Department of our center will develop a personalized program and quotation, and when both parties have confirmed the complete information of the vehicle and signed the lease agreement, our center will proceed with the purchase of the vehicle, and the leasing period will officially starts from the day of the effective delivery of the vehicle (this may vary depending on the brand and model of the vehicle)
Conference and Exhibition Vehicles
Our center offers vehicles according to the different requirements of the planned conferences or exhibitions Based on the composition of the passengers, we provide the most suitable types of vehicles and offer various forms of vehicles Customers only need to inform us of their requirements and provide necessary information in advance in order to obtain the best professional solutions and high quality service In terms of our conference and exhibition vehicle services, we provide safe, clean and comfortable vehicles, excellent and experienced drivers, first-class supporting and emergency services, and vehicle maintenance and deployment services In short, we offer everything to ensure the success of the conferences and exhibitions
Local / long-distance chartered services
Our center offers you intramural and long-distance chartered services Our drivers, who have many years of driving experience and have received many foreign government delegations, will be at your service You can enjoy high quality, practical and effective services for a wide variety of business, social and leisure activities, maximize the efficiency of your daily work and better enjoy every detail of life
Airport Transfer
Our center provides the airport shuttle service according to the different requirements that customers specified in advance Our vehicle may take you to or pick you up at the airport and a signage can also be made available on request In case of mass arrival, putting a signage in a conspicuous place allows easy identification by customers We will follow up on your flight information in advance, arrange sufficient space to provide convenient luggage storage solutions, and offer the best quality and efficient services to meet your needs
Car convoy for Foreign Affairs
For many years, our center has a fleet of vehicles providing dedicated service to the St Regis Hotel, the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and other customers Our team boasts many years of experience of receiving high-ranking foreign government delegations, a good command of the English language, excellent driving skills as well as the responsible attitude which have earned the praises from our customers