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Job Posting Property Management Project Director
2018-04-11 09:35:24

    The Beijing Housing Service Corporation for Diplomatic Missions (HSC), affiliated to the Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions, is a dedicated provider of office and residential housing as well as related supporting services for the foreign embassies, representative offices of the international organizations, news agencies, representative offices and their employees in Beijing, a vice-chair member of the Beijing Property Management Association with Class A property management qualifications issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

    The HSC currently oversees foreign-service related property management covering 1.46 million sq. meters of land space, with a structured space of 1.446 million sq. meters, consisting of 3 embassy zones and 5 diplomatic residence compounds (DRCs). The HSC also owns 135 independent embassy chanceries, 8 office buildings, 44 semi-detached houses and 39 expatriate-oriented apartment buildings, serving 157 foreign embassies, 23 representative offices of the UN and other international organizations, 300-odd foreign news agencies and 58 other institutions overseas.

    The HSC boasts 1 National Class Property Management Role Model Residential Compound, 1 Municipal 5-star Property Management Demonstration Project and 3 Municipal 4-star Property Management Demonstration Projects. Through years of researches and practices, the HSC has gathered abundant experiences in property development, operation, management and service with a unique managing/serving mode, having built up its brand name and is enjoying high reputation amongst the diplomatic community. Along with the continuous rise of the brand name of DRC in prominence and influence, our customer satisfaction rate has remained at a stunning 99%, year in and year out!

    Out of needs for business development, the HSC would like to publicly recruit an office building property management director, based in Beijing, with a yearly earning of RMB500,000-600,000. Please see the specific requirements below:

    I.Job Description:

    1.Participates in pre-tender-bidding preparations for an office building property management project of 80,000 sq. meters of floor space;

    2.Executes all-inclusive management in the property management area to ensure the project will meet the top national standards;

    3.Familiar with the “smart” property management systems, practical work experience preferred;

    4.Basing on work experiences, oversees the coordinating, directing, managing and assessing one or several professional teams of customer service, conferencing service, sanitarian, security and engineering services as well as the daily operation; as well as makes and implements the yearly work plan;

    5.Communicates with domestic/international customers to take in suggestions and complaints and maintain customer relations;

    6.Maintains local government relations;

    7.Accepts customer supervision and superior inspection to meet the management and satisfaction goals.

    II.Job Requirements:

    1.5 years or more work experience, particularly in office building or commercial property management project overseeing; overseas experience preferred;

    2.Undergraduate degree or above; overseas education background preferred;

    3.Fluency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, as it will be the working language;

    4.Strong sense of responsibility and professional ethics, personal integrity and good health;

    5.Ready to accept corporate culture, a good communicator and team worker.

    Welcome to join the diplomatic community-oriented industry. If interested, please send your resume to mailbox with “job + your name” along the heading before 10 May 2018.

Beijing Housing Service Corporation for Diplomatic Missions

10 April 2018