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Yun Kang Held a "Forum of the Key Young Management Staff

On May 8, the company organized a "Forum of Key Young Management Staff" which was attended by altogether 30 people including a group of senior executives and key young management staff of the company.

In the forum, 13 employees from frontline departments of central control, cleaning, maintenance and administration spoke. Their carefully prepared for delivering the speeches, and shared their unique perspectives on the current social environment faced by the Company, the operational challenges and proposed solutions. Their main suggestions were related to: 1) the stability problems in the teams because of the difference between the incomes of employees and revenues in the labor market, 2) full preparation has to be made for solving the specific difficulties impeding the implementation of the reform of charges, 3) meeting the development requirements for the transformation of the cleaning crew into a professional team, 4) providing better property management services for office buildings of the BDS, 5) prevention and control of legal risks for Yun Kang employees, 6) needs of employees for psychological analysis and care, 7) providing more training opportunities for the key young staff.

Peng Chuanyi, General Manager and other company executives have listened carefully to the speeches of the young staff, and highly praised everyone's enthusiasm. Based on the young staff’s professionalism and enthusiasm for common development, Peng said he had confidence in the team. He also made some decisions to resolve some problems on the spot.

The meeting served to encourage communication and exchanges, enabled leaders to understand the real situation, and allowed everyone to be aware of the leaders’ determination to move forward. Participants all said they would like to strongly perpetuate the good traditions, meet new challenges, and work together to create a new situation.



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