LCC opens a variety of art courses

Traditional Chinese painting

Learn the basics of painting

Learning painting with ink and paint on rice paper

Experiencing, different paintings of flowers, birds, fishes, insects and plants

Paper cut

Learning the basic method of designing and making paper-cut


Learning the basics of Chinese calligraphy and four treasures

Learning to write Chinese characters with a brush with basic strokes and basic skills


Learning the basics of Taijiquan

Learning basic taijiquan movements

Comprehending the self-defense, self-cultivation effect of Taijiquan

Chinese knots

Learning the basics and types of Chinese knots

Mastering a variety of weaving methods of Chinese knots

Making bracelets, necklaces, pendants, etc.

Seal cutting

Learning the basics of seal cutting

Learning the basic techniques of how to use a carving knife

Designing and Making a personal seal


Learning the basics and terminology of Mahjong

Mastering the basic skills of Mahjong and play it

Piano violin

Providing the piano, violin courses with world class teaching materials

Designed for students of different countries, different ages and different levels

Making piano/violin learning a happy experience

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Wine education

Computer Basic Education

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Cultural Lectures-LCC opens a variety of art courses
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