Lecture on Chinese traditional culture

Thislectureillustratestraditional way of thinking andbehaving of Chinese people,and the reflection of theway of thinkingand living habitsonsystemcultureandculture of artifactsthroughpictures,video clipsandstories with profound meanings.

Fromthecross-culturalcomparative perspective, this lecture isdesignedwitha number ofentertaining,thought-provokingquestionsandactiveteacher-student interaction, whichdeepentheunderstandingand thinkingof the lecture.

This lecture has three types: one-timelecture(2-3hours),two-session lecture (5-6 hours)and serial thematic lectures (5timestotaling10 hours). LCC is currently working with the following organizations: Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO), Ministry of Commerce, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in China, intensive Chinese training course for Italian students, intensive Chinesetrainingclasses for Polish students,etc..

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