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    Jiaohui Environment

    Plan making

    1. Basis for plan making

    According to the No. 224 order of the Beijing Municipal Government released on 27th November, 2010, Beijing hygienic regulations on centralized air ventilation system has taken into effect since 1st April, 2011.

    Based on the 2003-225 Sanitary administration on the centralized air ventilation system in public places and the Cleaning principles of the centralized air ventilation system in public places issued by the Ministry of Health.

    Based on the GB19210-2003 Cleaning principles of air-conditioning ventilation system;

    2. Construction principles

    1) In accordance with national and relevant departments’ relevant regulations and landlords’ real situation, we ensure high quality of the whole project. 

    2) Our construction team is well-trained and rich in construction experience, ensuring clients an advanced, rational, reliable and safe cleaning for air-conditioning ventilation system.

    3) While summing up the successful experience of cleaning air-conditioning ventilation system home and abroad, we adopt newest pipe cleaning technology, clean out the pollutant from the ventiduct in fully closed condition, and make sure that no pollutant diffusion for secondary pollution.

    4) We arrange the cleaning time for landlords at their earliest convenience, avoiding affecting their regular work.  Meanwhile we remain as quiet and clean as we can during working process, with no complains achieved from landlords. 

    5) We cut construction costs, save operation costs, eliminate pollution and reduce noise on the premise of guaranteeing project quality.

    Preparations for cleaning project

    1)According to the contract, we make full preparations for our cleaning work by getting more information on the characteristics of construction sites on the basis of original probe.

    2) We identify and evaluate the environmental factors and sources of danger existed in construction work, setting targets for major ones and taking effective control measures correspondingly and revising management plan when necessary.

    3) The project department’s technical engineers make a disclosure concerning requirements of construction, environment, health and safety to construction workers, clarifying requirements for concrete construction.  

    4)We test cleaning equipment to see if there is any abnormal occurrence and if the air flow meets the requirement.  The direction and location of facilities, including ceiling structure, adjoining electric cable and bridge, smoke detector, power pipeline, need to be examined carefully, in order to avoid safety hazards. Corresponding measures need to be taken according to the code of conduct in construction site, with warning signs when necessary. 

    5) Getting the picture of present construction sites and clients’ office settings, we prepare colored cloths to cover the working area and nearby office facilities including floor, office desks, and chairs, in line with our clients’ requirements.