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Chronology of the Business Development Process of the Beijing International Club

In order to adapt to the changing times and market, the business mode of Beijing International Club Co., Ltd. mainly experienced three stages of development since its creation in 1973.

The first stage: 1973-1987

It was in January 1973 that the club began to use its existing buildings with a total area of 47,000 square meters mainly as entertainment and restaurant facilities for use by diplomatic institutions and foreign diplomats. At that time, with the existing buildings and facilities such as indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a bowling alley, an outdoor pool, a movie theater, conference rooms, a Chinese restaurant, a Western restaurant and banquet facilities, the Club offered a variety of Chinese and Western culinary specialties. Here, Premier Zhou Enlai and other senior national leaders repeatedly welcomed and received foreign guests, and it was in the Crane Room on its second floor that all the press conferences of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) were held prior to the completion of construction of the new MFA office building.

The second stage: 1987-1995

In 1987, the Beijing International Club established a joint venture, officially changing its name to Beijing International Club Company Limited, marking a major shift of its business mode. Except for the indoor tennis court and banquet rooms, other entertainment facilities of existing buildings were modified in order to create office space for conducting market-oriented business activities such as office rental, and renowned companies and organizations like Nokia, Kodak, Associated Press and others were the first to settle in the Club. With the low level of development of the office market in Beijing in those days, the club went through a period of prosperity and maintained a very high occupancy rate and rent level.

The third stage: 1995-today

It was in 1995 that the new office building was put in use. In 1997, the Beijing International Club Hotel (now renamed St. Regis Beijing) entered service, and in 2001 the apartments and the recreational center were available for use. Up till then the Beijing International Club Co., Ltd. has seen a tripartite business model consisting primarily of hotel operations and rental of apartments and offices, complemented by dining and entertainment activities, each day becoming more mature. Both its existing buildings and new buildings maintained a high occupancy rate and competitive rental prices, and the quality of their hardwares and personalized services has earned them the unanimous praise from the tenants. Now, the existing buildings of the club mainly include restaurants, banks and recreational facilities, such as the Sakura Garden Japanese Restaurant, Haagen-Dazs, the Golden Lake Restaurant, the Minsheng Bank Jianguomen Branch and indoor tennis courts. In 2007, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission included the existing buildings of the Club in the "Beijing Outstanding Protected Contemporary and Modern Architecture List" .

Over the 40 years since its creation, the Beijing International Club Company Limited has always followed the trends of the time and market developments, demonstrated its flexibility to adjust its business operation model and made remarkable achievements. Looking forward, the club will continue to progress with the times and constantly promote sustainable development of its business model.


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