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Learn How to Identify Defects in Your New Home

2015-12-15 source: Beijing Aojie Building Decoration and Remodeling Co., Ltd.

Finally, here you are in your new house. You are a proud owner now, but do not take things easy. Do not sign directly without thoroughly inspecting your house. By carefully reading our tips, you will be able to ensure success in your upcoming renovations.




First, the very first thing we will look at is the door. Take a look at the door and make sure that there are no scratches, dents and other damages. Check carefully if it has been fitted correctly, if the caulking seal is in place, and if the opening is smooth. Check if there is abnormal noise, if the lock handle is solid, and if all the accessories like the peephole, the decorative cover, the keyhole cover, and crash bars are present.






Walk into the house, and see if there are any leaks in the exterior walls, or any infiltration on the ceiling of the bathroom. Pay particular attention to the outlets and pipes. If you find any defects, photograph them and inform the developer to repair the waterproofing layer of the ceiling as soon as possible.





Check the upper and lower water pipes and the back-end part of the manifold. Check and note the readings of water and electricity meters. Check the tightness of the water supply line, or carefully check the meter numbers to ensure proper flow and integrity of the pipes in your home. Check that the value of the pressure gauge displays 0.8-1Mpa, and wait for a while to make sure that it does not fall. Make sure that there are no leaking pipes, and the inspection result may be considered a satisfactory one.




Turn on and off the light switches in each room, and make sure they work properly. Use a plug detector to ensure that the plug is properly connected and intact.





Check the differences between the model apartment and yours. To avoid affecting the decoration work process, if there are no model apartments, you should then start to work on the design plan.